People often feel uncomfortable asking about cost or fees. We understand. Hiring an attorney is an important decision and cost is a factor. To help you, please read below about how payment works for different types of cases. If you are in need of criminal defense or DUI defense, we are happy to discuss in detail the facts of your case so we can give you an accurate quote. Please do not feel uncomfortable to discuss cost or fees. It’s your money and it is a big decision.

Criminal Defense Fees

If you are searching for a criminal defense lawyer, you are likely looking at some fairly serious consequences. Some of those consequences might be fines, restitution, jail time (i.e. not working) as well as loss of a driver’s license or security clearance. Those consequences can add up to be pretty valuable. Hiring a person who can devote the time to protecting you and limiting your financial consequences can be well worth the upfront investment.

If you qualify and are considering staying with a public defender, please consider some other factors. Public Defenders are skilled and experienced attorneys. However, they generally are over-worked. In some counties, the court will allow almost everyone to “qualify” for a public defender but that means the public defenders have enormous caseloads. Conservatively, a private attorney has a tenth of the cases and can devote much more time to your defense.

Additionally, we’ve never heard of a public defender giving a client their cell phone number to call day or night. When you open the mail on Friday evening and get notice of a DOL hearing to revoke your license or some other scary information, you won’t spend two sleepless nights waiting to reach your attorney. At Witt Law Group, if you have a question, you just give us a call—anytime you need us.

Personal Injury/Auto Accident Fees

In Personal Injury cases, if you don’t get a check, we don’t get a check. It really is that simple.

At Witt Law Group, you pay us nothing. The insurance company pays us at the end of the process by way of your settlement. The incentive for us is to get you the best recovery for your injuries. The harder we work, the more you recover. When you are done treating for your injuries, the bills have all been assessed, and all damages have been documented, we get to work putting together a demand letter that tells the story of your accident. Sometimes it gets a bit contentious when insurance companies want you to settle for nothing more than covering your bills (as is often the case with unrepresented victims). That isn’t fair. An accident that causes physical injuries, disrupts so many areas of your life and you should be compensated.

We make sure you feel fully compensated for your damages and injuries. Our compensation or “fee” for this work is 33% of the recovery, which is the standard for personal injury cases.

Are You Unsure About Hiring Private Defense?