Criminal Defense Fees

If you are searching for a criminal defense lawyer, you are likely looking at some fairly serious consequences. Some of those consequences might be fines, restitution, jail time (i.e. not working) as well as loss of a driver’s license or security clearance. Those consequences can add up to be pretty valuable. Hiring a person who can devote the time to protecting you and limiting your financial consequences can be well worth the upfront investment.

If you qualify and are considering staying with a public defender, please consider some other factors. Public Defenders are skilled and experienced attorneys. However, they generally are over-worked. In some counties, the court will allow almost everyone to “qualify” for a public defender but that means the public defenders have enormous caseloads. Conservatively, a private attorney has a tenth of the cases and can devote much more time to your defense.

Additionally, we’ve never heard of a public defender giving a client their cell phone number to call day or night. When you open the mail on Friday evening and get notice of a DOL hearing to revoke your license or some other scary information, you won’t spend two sleepless nights waiting to reach your attorney. At Witt Law Group, if you have a question, you just give us a call—anytime you need us.