2020 Personal Injury Highlights

Over the years, we have received millions for clients. We advocate tirelessly for accident victims and will take on insurance companies for you. Your job is to heal and our job is to get a fair recovery for your injury and pain.


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$300,000 (policy limits) for client injured in a t-bone accident.


$100,000 (policy limits) for client injured as a pedestrian in a crosswalk.


$100,000 (policy limits) for client who was cycling and hit in crosswalk.


$75,000 for client injured in a rear-end accident who suffered migraines afterward.


Results are only posted for informational purposes and are not intended to be a guarantee of any kind. To understand how your case might resolve, call and speak with one of our attorneys about your unique facts. 


2020 Criminal Defense Highlights

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Bremerton Police, with assistance of KSCO, made an arrest based on an overly suggestive “show-up” identification procedure. We successfully litigated the improper arrest tactic, which led to all charges being dropped.


Attempt To Elude charge was put into Kitsap’s PACT program, resulting in case being dismissed.


Minor In Possession Of Marijuana charge dismissed after litigating improper police interrogation tactic.


DUI charge that originated out of a parking lot was dismissed due to police officer’s initial stop lacking in probable cause.