When you’re facing the stress of the legal system, Jennifer is the partner you need and want. She is fiercely protective of her clients yet understands the diplomacy required to reach the best solution. If you need help, you absolutely want her on your team. —S.J. Olsen

Ryan was the best thing that could have happened to me after my car accident. It was my first time contacting a lawyer to discuss what my options were after being hit by an uninsured motorist and getting injured. He returned my call in off hours and immediately helped me get immediate access to an amazing chiropractor. Ryan and his team took over all contact with the insurance company, who were confusing me right out of the gate with many of their questions, allowing me to focus on my treatment and getting back to normal. I am hoping I never have to contact a lawyer again, but I if I did I know exactly who I would be contacting.  —Drew (AVVO)

I received an $1,100 ticket for "Failure to initially register a vehicle". I had no idea where to turn. It's a jungle out there with a lot of attorney options but little confidence to know who I could trust. I was referred to Ryan and am AM SO GRATEFUL that I was! Ryan was helpful, responsive, down to earth, and kind from the initial phone consultation all the way through convincing the prosecutor to drop the charges and getting me off completely. I highly recommend Ryan. Everything about my experience was golden. —Peter (AVVO)

Ryan is an outstanding attorney. He represented me two years ago. I made a huge mistake and was arrested and charged with DUI. My charges were eventually dropped. Without Ryan, I would have lost my license, my job and my future. If you ever need legal representation, call Ryan!  —Tim (AVVO)

While working together in a stressful environment, Jennifer demonstrated analytical thinking skills, consistently remaining composed under pressure. She was admired and respected by both her peers and supervisors for her commitment and dedication to whatever the task. I saw her as tough and diligent yet compassionate and kind in her interactions with clients. —J. Koehn