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I contacted Ryan Witt for defense of a Hit and Run accident. After explaining the incident, he confidently said he could make this charge go away. While my CDL was at risk, Ryan put this case away. I never saw the inside of the court room.—Anonymous


In dealing with my injury Ryan made the whole experience extremely painless. Ryan kept me well informed throughout the process and was always very easy to get in touch with to answer questions. When my case was resolved I was pleasantly shocked by the settlement I received! —Anonymous


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Ryan was the best thing that could have happened to me after my car accident. It was my first time contacting a lawyer to discuss what my options were after being hit by an uninsured motorist and getting injured. He returned my call in off hours and immediately helped me get immediate access to an amazing chiropractor. Ryan and his team took over all contact with the insurance company, who were confusing me right out of the gate with many of their questions, allowing me to focus on my treatment and getting back to normal. I am hoping I never have to contact a lawyer again, but I if I did I know exactly who I would be contacting. —D.D.


When you’re facing the stress of the legal system, Jennifer is the partner you need and want. She is fiercely protective of her clients yet understands the diplomacy required to reach the best solution. If you need help, you absolutely want her on your team. —S.O.

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Ryan is extremely talented and dedicated to his clients. He worked around the clock for our case and ensured we got the results we needed! I couldn’t have picked a better lawyer to ensure my issue was resolved. Choosing Ryan Witt to represent me was definitely the best choice I have made. Extremely satisfied with his professionalism and outcomes he made happen. — E


Years before I had hired Witt Law Group PS to defend me for a DUI case. The resolution achieved was the best I could get, so when I needed help with a minor felony charge, I called up Ryan again. He got me in for an appointment to review my case the next day. He read all the paperwork, listened to my story, and was immediately able to tell me the concerns he had and what my possible resolutions could be. I thought I was facing jail time, and as far as I knew prison time. To make things worse, in the time since the offense I had started a family, finished one college and was close to graduating with my BA from WWU. He assured me that my years spent in self-improvement would greatly help my case and that I should just stay out of trouble, focus on my family, and finish my studies. All the rest he would take care of, and that's exactly what he did. When it came time to strike a deal with the state Ryan informed me of the PACT program. Basically it was a second chance where you stay out of trouble and the charge would be dropped after one year. He told me it wasn't a high probability of getting this deal and not to get my hopes up. Well for once he was wrong and he called me back an hour later to let me know that the prosecution accepted it. He is a miracle worker that puts every client's individual needs first. We got the deal done and I let him know that his services were worth every cent and that my family is greatly indebted to him. If I ever need criminal legal help again (which I won't!) he is first and last on my list of lawyers. If you're in a bind and you want the best help and can't afford to pay huge legal bills, call him. You never know how much of a difference a private law firm makes. Don't trust you're freedom and your family's welfare to public defenders. Call Witt Law Group PS right now! —S.P.

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I've worked with Ryan on numerous occasions over the years and have always felt well taken care of. Anytime that I have needed his services he has been available either during, or after office hours. He has a very family oriented approach making you always feel like a cared about client, from Christmas cards, to Valentine's chocolates, I have always felt like he cares about his clients and not just their payments. Ryan is overall a very warm and personable lawyer who can make some very worrisome times feel a little less stressful. I would always recommend him, and plan to rely on him in the future if I ever need his services again. Really a great guy. —M.S.


Ryan did an amazing job with my personal injury case. His team handled my case with the utmost care and professionalism. Which allowed me to focus on the most important part, getting better and making a full recovery without the headache of dealing with the insurance companies. —A.R.


Mr Witt has always taken care of me in court. His law group has performed flawlessly for me never losing a case. — G.S.


Ryan helped me with a car accident I had last year. He settled it in a couple months. I was able to get twice as much money as the insurance company was originally offering for personal injury. He is very professional and personable. A friend recommended him to me and now I will be recommending him to others as well. —Anonymous


Ryan Witt is an articulate, personable, and truly caring individual. I was looking at a conviction and jail time, Ryan gave me a full understanding of what we were looking at and what all the realistic outcomes were. I did no time, and I am not a felon... Ryan's understanding of the law is impressive and comprehensive. He is truly a man of his word, and made me feel at ease during my case. I cannot recommend him enough... for the record, I am a construction worker, not a paid actor. I was in no way compensated for this review, I just cant say enough about his professionalism and honesty. If you need more reassuring, give his office a call. His entire staff shares his dedication. — C.B.


Thank you Ryan For giving me a new start, and help saving my life! If it wasn’t for you opening the door the door for me! I probably would be dead or in prison. You helped me when no one would! You never gave up and did your absolute best you could for me! I really appreciate it and I thank you for it! I know thanx is a very little for what you have done for me! You saved my life from alcohol and wrong doings. It’s people like you that make the difference in life for doing good for people! I highly respect you and will always be greatful for you and your team! Thank you for fighting for my rights, and giving a new blessed life for my family and all around me! Keep up the good, you are awesome and can’t thank you! Or say enough! You are truly a great friend! —J.A.


Best experience with an attorney hands down! Performed above all expectations. Always on time and up front about all costs. I highly recommend Mr Witt as he came highly recommended to me. Thank you again!!! — Anonymous


Ryan Witt helped me legally move forward from my past and I am very grateful for his wisdom and expirence. My case wasn't quick or easy and there were alot of speed bumps along the way. No matter because Ryan stuck with me for years until the end and the outcome was great. Ryan Witt is dedicated and fights for his clients. Ryan Witt is a next level lawyer. —M.D.


These lawyers are smart, professional and down-to-earth. Great to work with! I especially appreciate their work in the community and business ethics. Highly recommend! — M.L.