I contacted Ryan Witt for defense of a Hit and Run accident. After explaining the incident, he confidently said he could make this charge go away. While my CDL was at risk, Ryan put this case away. I never saw the inside of the court room. - Anonymous

He earned his fee and should I ever have any charge again, Ryan Witt will be my first phone call. — M.W.

Contacted Ryan after trying a few other Kitsap area attorney's who either told me I had to jump through hoops, or flat out didn't return my messages. Ryan was extremely personable and professional. He handled my case(16 year old felony) quickly and got the case dismissed and warrant quashed without me having to step foot back into Washington. Call him, trust me.


Ryan did a stellar job of negotiating the best possible outcome for my situation. He is professional and seemed well respected by judges and prosecution. Highly recommend his practice. —A.W.

Ryan was very professional personable. He was always prompt with appointments and was a pleasure to work with. —E.S.

Ryan is a consummate professional and genuinely cares for people! He will go out of his way for you!! —C.R.

Mr. Witt is professional, pleasant and great to work with. I highly recommend his services. —M.B.

Professional, Reliable, personable. Unquestionable integrity. —J.H.


I would recommend him to anyone! —B.L.

Responsive and diligent, thank you Ryan! —M.S.


Mr. Witt was very professional and expert in his presentation of my case in court. My traffic infraction was dismissed when a lack of information was pointed out to the court. Mr. Witt is easy to contact and gives clear explanations of expected timelines and outcomes. Highly recommend! —E.

On two occasions, while dealing with domestic disputes, Ryan has helped me minimize the damages and counseled me through tough situations that prevented me from even entering my own home due to the charges that were placed against me. He has brought me reassurance and peace of mind. Couldn't recommend him enough. —Chris

I hired Ryan to address a speeding ticket that I received. He was quick to respond, engaging, and provided an excellent service. I would, without hesitation, give him a call again if I needed legal help. —Anonymous

f you want to win your case Mr Witt is the lawyer to see. he has defended me twice for speeding once for no insurance and once for failure to yield for an emergency vehicle. All of the cases were dismissed. Thank you Mr Witt —Anonymous

Ryan provided me with expert legal representation. He settled my case with the prosecutor even before I appeared before the judge. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I recommend him without reservation. —R.

I received an $1,100 ticket for "Failure to initially register a vehicle". I had no idea where to turn. It's a jungle out there with a lot of attorney options but little confidence to know who I could trust. I was referred to Ryan and am AM SO GRATEFUL that I was! Ryan was helpful, responsive, down to earth, and kind from the initial phone consultation all the way through convincing the prosecutor to drop the charges and getting me off completely. I highly recommend Ryan. Everything about my experience was golden. —P.

Complete satisfaction
While Mr. Witt handled my case, It was apparent that I made the correct choice in choosing him to handle my case. I immediately felt assured and hopeful that my problems were in the hands of a true professional. Mr. Witt went above and beyond to ensure success and kept me up to date on all events to include hiring a translator for a non-English speaking prosecution team. I have complete confidence in his practice and highly recommend him for anyone needing absolute success in any situation. Ryan Witt has mastered his profession and should be everyone's first consideration. — C.

Traffic Citation DISMISSED!
Ryan represented me on a traffic citation and was able to convince the court to dismiss my case without a fine and no impact on my driving record or insurance rates. I would highly recommend consulting Ryan if you have a traffic infraction or citation you have to face in court. —S.

Mr. Witt did an outstanding job for me. I got the absolute best possible result I could have hoped for. —M.

Over the years Ryan has helped my wife, daughter, and myself keep our speeding tickets off our Washington State Driving records. Thanks Ryan!! —K.

In my opinion, Mr. Witt's ability to zealously advocate on behalf of his clients is second-to-none. As a former prosecutor, with over ten years of experience, I found Mr. Witt to be the kind of criminal attorney I hate. He works tirelessly for his clients to ensure all of the relevant facts and information are before the court in order to assist his clients to get the best resolution/outcome possible for them. There is no doubt in my mind that if I ever needed the services of a top-notch criminal defense attorney, I would have Mr. Witt's telephone number on my speed dial. —T.J.

Thank you so much gives me a great piece of mind and the expense and drama from this all with all the stress has taught me a lesson.. YOU have been great.. Never do that again.. Thank you so much you have been amazing... : ) —Anonymous


Solid referral for criminal defense matters
I had an important institutional client that needed to refer two employees to outside counsel for two different criminal matters. I recommended Mr. Witt to the client, and I received very favorable feedback about his professionalism and his handling of both matters. I would not hesitate to recommend him again. — H.F.

Excellent DUI Attorney
Mr. Witt was able to get my DUI case dismissed both in the courts and with the DOL. —Anonymous

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