Great Traffic lawyer!
I was on a business trip in Seattle and got a speeding ticket while lost. I could not fight the ticket myself as I has to return to VA before the court date so I hired Ryan. I did not feel I was speeding and wanted to fight the ticket especially as in VA it would have gone on my record and affected my insurance rates. Ryan's office took care of everything and called me the day of the court date - today - and told me the ticket had been dismissed. I am very pleased. —C.

Awesome and fantastic lawyer who did a tremendous job!
Mr. Witt has been exceptional with his services provided. I had a traffic infraction issued by the local State Patrol, and Mr. Witt handled my case with professionalism and expertise. I sincerely appreciate his work, knowledge and have been referring his practice to others. —R.

Ryan Witt made an extremely difficult case run very smoothly. He is well respected in the community and has a positive working relationship with other prosecutors/defense attorneys. Ryan remained professional and explained each step of the process to me throughout my case. I would highly recommend him to others. —Anonymous

Fantastic Attorney!!
Ryan has represented me in a criminal case as well as in two traffic infractions in Kitsap County. My criminal charges and traffic infractions were all dismissed! —N.


Great Lawyer can't recommend him enough
Ryan did an amazing job for us. We actually have used him on more than one occasion and can't say enough good things about him. He is quick to get things taken care of and keeps you informed along the way! We have recommended him to others who have used him for traffic tickets and DWI and were very happy! —L.

I've had multiple tickets in and around Kitsap County, Ryan has represented me for all of them and every single time got it dismissed. —Anonymous

Ryan has been helping my friends and family for years, would not use anyone else!! Highly recommended!! —Anonymous


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