Ryan Witt

Ryan Witt, Personal injury lawyer

Ryan uses the same aggressive trial skills he learned as a prosecutor to get the best awards for his personal injury clients. The advocacy and negotiation skills of an experienced trial attorney is critical for navigating a complex case with insurance companies. Often, less experienced attorneys will want to settle a case for less than it is worth to avoid the courtroom confrontation. If having a day in court is necessary for his client to get a fair and full recovery, that is a welcome challenge for Ryan.

In trial work, an attorney encounters obstacles everyday. You have to be dynamic and flexible. Most importantly, you must have vision to get the result you want. Ryan is well known in the courtroom for creatively and aggressively getting his way. Even as a prosecutor, his style was very effective. In his first felony level trial, he was successful in getting a conviction that carried a life sentence. As a defense attorney, he has handled many potential life sentence cases and “most serious offense” cases and many of those clients have served no jail time. This is due to aggressively presenting the unique facts surrounding every client’s defense.

No matter how challenging your case, Ryan will push the Prosecutor for a fair resolution. When a judge says, “We have a bench policy against that,” Ryan will never back down or shy away from changing the system for the better. Ryan was the first (and perhaps only) attorney in Kitsap County to successfully have a client with a medical marijuana prescription enter a Deferred Prosecution. Defendants must be treated with dignity and be afforded the presumption of innocence at each stage of the process. Whenever there appears to be an abuse of power or a challenge to the rights that should be afforded the accused, Ryan will fight for you.

Personal Background

Ryan grew up in Alaska and played hockey his entire life. He continues to use the skills and grit he developed as a hockey player to serve his clients. He is always prepared to outwork and outperform opposing counsel. His favorite hockey quote is from Wayne Gretzky, “A good hockey player skates where the puck is. A great hockey player skates to where the puck is going to be.” In the game of hockey or the practice of law, preparation and anticipation is everything. Ryan is always one step ahead of his opponents.

If you can’t find Ryan at the office or the courthouse, he is probably skiing. Once a hockey coach, he had to trade in his hockey skates for skis. Ryan’s children are passionate about alpine ski racing and Ryan is passionate about trying to keep up with them. In the summer months, he trades the skis for a mountain bike and also enjoys boating around Gig Harbor.