Can I Refuse To Sign A Speeding Ticket?

Kitsap Defense Lawyer Ryan Witt

Speeding tickets are annoying. People often do not feel protected and served when a young Trooper in an unmarked car hands them a revenue generating ticket. Some people are inclined to not sign the ticket.

We have been asked several times over the years – “Is it unlawful to refuse to sign the ticket?”

RCW Dictates You Must Sign The Ticket

In Washington State, RCW 46.61.021(3) requires a person to “sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the notice of infraction and RCW 46.61.022 makes willful violation a misdemeanor. So, yes, it is a crime (misdemeanor) to refuse to acknowledge receipt. However, you are not required to promise to respond. Even if you do not agree with it, you need to sign the ticket. You can always challenge it later.

Best Practice – Respond And Fight It

The best practice would be to sign the ticket, and then let us defend you! At the Witt Law Group, Ryan Witt has been representing people with speeding tickets for over fifteen years. No case is too small. We acknowledge that for some, getting a speeding ticket is a big deal, and we treat your day in Court with the same dedication as we would give a felony. We handle infractions in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Contact our Gig Harbor, Bremeton or Poulsbo office today and let us turn that ticket into a dismissal.

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