Declaration To Not Operate Motor Vehicle Without Ignition Interlock

declaration to not operate a motor vehicle without an ignition interlock. Kitsap DUI Defense Lawyer Ryan Witt

In DUI cases, the Court will often impose an Ignition Interlock requirement as a pretrial condition of release. In some situations, the imposition of that condition is discretionary, in other situations, the imposition is mandatory. This page addresses the situations in which it is mandatory.  

Mandatory Requirement For Installation / Use Of An Ignition Interlock Device

If an individual has a prior DUI conviction from any state (assuming the laws are comparable), the Court must order that the defendant install an ignition interlock effectively immediately. So the only way to be truly prepared for your arraignment is to have read and reviewed this form in advance.  Be advised that the Court doesn’t allow for a window to time to drive home. Effectively immediately is truly effectively immediately.  

Form – Declaration To Not Operate Any Motor Vehicle Without Ignition Interlock

If a person falls into this scenario (where the IID will be required at arraignment) it is our preference to go through this document prior to the arraignment.  If you have any questions about the form, please call our office at (360) 792-1000