Don’t Delay In Hiring A Defense Attorney

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Don’t Delay In Hiring A Defense Attorney

If you were recently arrested or received a summons in the mail to appear on a criminal charge, it is important that you deal with your legal issues promptly. Around the holidays, many people want to put off dealing with the cost and the stress of the criminal justice system until later in the new year. This can be a very bad decision that leads to more negative consequences than anticipated.

 Reasons To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many reasons to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately but here are just a few:

1. Evidence can be more difficult to collect the longer you wait. For example, if a video of the incident would be helpful to your case, be aware that videos are often deleted or destroyed after weeks or months. Additionally, witnesses are harder to track down over time and their memories are less clear. Therefore, your exculpatory evidence could be gone by the time your attorney requests it.
2. There are criminal and civil timelines that absolutely inflexible. For example, if you miss your DOL deadline on a DUI, you will be suspended.
3. Appearing with an attorney can help a person be released on their personal recognizance. If you fail to appear at a hearing, it is likely that a judge or a prosecutor will believe you are a flight risk and your conditions of release will be much tougher when you finally appear.
4. Proactive measures need to start immediately. The time between your arraignment and your pretrial is valuable time! Your attorney can help you by creating a roadmap of proactive steps that facilitate a more positive resolution of your case.

If You Are Unsure About Hiring A Defense Attorney

If you are unsure of how to handle your criminal case and need to consult with an attorney, give our office a call. We can help inform you of the risks you could be facing if you delay. Our consultations are free and we have offices in Poulsbo, Bremerton and Gig Harbor. If you are interested in more articles on the law or criminal defense, CLICK HERE to read our blog.

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Whether you choose to handle your case alone or engage the Witt Law Group, being informed and prepared is essential. Early involvement of an attorney can significantly impact your chances of a fair recovery, allowing you to focus on healing while we handle negotiations with insurance adjusters to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

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