DUI & Criminal Charges in Silverdale — How To Prepare

If you were arrested in Silverdale for DUI or any other criminal charge, you were likely arrested by either a Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputy (KCSO) or a Washington State Patrol Trooper. It is possible that a Bremerton Police Officer (BPD) could respond if they were needed because multiple agencies can respond based on need and emergency. Additionally, BPD has the Special Operations Group that frequently responds to drug-specific investigations and arrests. However, generally speaking, KCSO patrols and investigates crimes in Silverdale. 

If you don’t remember who the investigating officer was in your case, do not worry. Frequently, in Silverdale, there will be more than one agency that is involved in a case. One agency may have initially responded but another agency will take over the investigation. No matter how many agencies were involved, your defense attorney will receive all reports from the incident in the Discovery packet sent by the prosecutor’s office. This can take several days and will be updated if there is an ongoing investigation. 

What does it cost to hire a private defense attorney in Kitsap?

Does Silverdale have its own courthouse?

Since Silverdale is part of unincorporated Kitsap County, criminal charges will be filed by the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s office. Long ago, Kitsap District held court at a satellite location for things like traffic tickets but that is no longer happening. There is no Silverdale courthouse.  

Where do I go for court if I was arrested in Silverdale?

If you are facing a felony charge, you will appear in Kitsap Superior Court. If you were charged with a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor, you will appear in Kitsap District Court. Both of these courts are in Port Orchard but they are not held at the Port Orchard courthouse (on Prospect) because that is the municipal court for the City of Port Orchard.

Can I appear on Zoom for court?

If you have already been Arraigned, you may not need to appear in-person for your next pre-trial hearing. You must confirm that with your attorney. Many hearings are held on Zoom so you don’t need to take the day off from work just to appear in court for a few minutes.

In some circumstances, your Arraignment may also be handled via Zoom. This is generally not the case for DUI charges but there are some misdemeanors in which the Arraignment is on Zoom or your Arraignment can be waived entirely.  This must be done by your attorney. If you are planning to have a public defender represent you, the option to waive an Arraignment won’t be available to you because a public defender won’t be assigned to you until your Arraignment. 

Don’t get a warrant!

If ever in doubt about whether you have court, go to court! If you are not sure whether Zoom is allowed, go to court in-person. If in doubt as to whether your hearing has been canceled or waived, show up to court. Even if you know you have court via zoom but you are uncomfortable managing zoom on your phone or computer, go to the courthouse so you do not miss your court date. 

Anytime you miss court, you can face a warrant for your arrest and it makes it very difficult for your attorney to resolve your case positively. Warrants and Failure to Appear status are never going to be a good thing when you are facing a criminal charge.

Tips for appearing via zoom?

We have written several blogs on this topic and covered it on our Youtube channel but, to reiterate, court on zoom is as formal as court in person. The only difference is that you will have a screen and your name appears under your face. Enter your proper name! We have seen all kinds of inappropriate titles under defendant zoom screens. That is a bad idea and the judge will not tolerate it! A few other reminders:

Do not smoke.

Do not vape.

Do not eat.

Do not move around.

Do not drive.

Wear clothing.

Do not appear for court in bed.

Try to avoid having people around you.

If you are in a noisy area, the judge may not consider you “appearing” for court. 

Get somewhere quiet! 

If you have hired a private defense attorney prior to your Arraignment, be sure to discuss whether there are other preparation issues to be aware of. Some courts have slightly different protocols and your lawyer might prepare you for the types of questions that will be asked of you.

If you are facing a DUI or other criminal charge in Kitsap County, our attorneys are available 7 days a week for a consultation. We have offices in Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bremerton and Gig Harbor.

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