Etiquette For Zoom Court

Ryan Witt

Just when we thought we had seen everything…Zoom court! Our clients have been great but we’ve seen a few defendants who were not well-advised before their appearance.

Here is our top 10 list of how to manage yourself in a virtual/zoom court hearing:

1) Do not appear from your bed.
2) Wear a shirt.
3) Do not simultaneously play video games.
4) Do not use the screen as your mirror (i.e. do not check your hair and makeup on the zoom screen).
5) Do not have a pot leaf on your shirt or as your background.
6) Do not appear via your phone while you are driving.
7) Do not have someone in the bathroom in your background.
8) Mute your television or radio.
9) Do not smoke any substance.
10) Do not eat or drink.

Believe it or not, we’ve seen 9 out of 10 (one of the above was actually another lawyer ?‍♀️).

If you ever have questions about any courtroom protocol, feel free to call our office. While it has been somewhat entertaining to see all the ways people “appear” in court, not following proper protocol can hurt your case. Don’t let that happen.

If you’re unsure about what will be happening in your hearing, how to dress (no suit necessary), or whether you will need to speak to the Judge, give us a call to clarify.

Ryan and Jen Witt of Witt Law Group, Kitsap County defense and personal injury lawyers

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