How To Obtain An IIL While DOL Offices Are Closed

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Applying for IIL through the mail

Getting An Ignition Interlock License While Department Of Licensing Is Physically Closed

Clients are running into a unique hurdle that we never anticipated before the coronavirus. Prior to closures of nonessential offices, we always directed clients to walk into a DOL office and apply in person for the Ignition Interlock License, or IIL. Now numerous clients need the IIL, but DOL offices are closed. Is there are solution? Yes, you can apply through the mail.

Applying For An IIL Through The Mail

Eligibility Requirements (on top of having an arrest / conviction for DUI or similar offense):

•  You must have an unexpired WA drivers license or valid out of state license

•  You must have an ignition interlock installed on your vehicle. The installer will send        proof of installation to DOL. The main interlock installers ARE open

•  You must obtain SR-22 insurance, or high-risk auto insurance

•  You must fill out and mail in the Restricted Driver’s License Application, below

pdf Application

The Application is simple and asks very basic questions. Once complete, mail the Application to:

Restricted Licensing
Department of Licensing
PO Box 3907
Seattle, WA 98124-3907

The fee to submit the application is $100. If you do not submit the fee, your application will not be processed.

Once The Application Is Approved

The Department of Licensing will mail you your Ignition Interlock License. A temporary IIL will come in the mail quickly, and the permanent IIL will arrive shortly thereafter.

What If I Drive A Work Vehicle?

If you are required to drive with an Ignition Interlock license, you may be able to drive a work vehicle without the device. The requirements are strict, but it may be possible. If you have a question about that, see:

Employer Exemption To The IIL

Questions About IIL?

These are unprecedented times. DOL is suspending licenses, but not opening DOL offices to help people address the suspension. Hopefully this helps the individuals that are caught in limbo. If you have any questions that are beyond what is addressed in this article, don’t make assumptions and call our office.

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