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Kitsap Lawyer Jennifer Witt

We have always enjoyed providing legal services in Kitsap County because it offers such a diverse group of people and legal challenges. In such a small geographical area, we have city, county, and federal laws pertaining to crimes such DUI, marijuana possession, trespassing, theft as well as many other criminal charges.

We Help Our Military

With Bangor, Naval Base Kitsap, and the PSNS, we find ourselves also helping many military members. The penalties and consequences for a crime, such as DUI, can mean very different things to a person in the military. Often, security clearances are the most immediate impact for military service members but jail time and losing the ability to drive without an ignition interlock is also very challenging. Additionally, you might find yourself facing “extra” punishments from your Commanding Officer. The lawyers at Witt Law Group can help facilitate communication between you and your Command regarding the Kitsap County criminal charge so that you can manage the consequences and move forward with a plan for success.

We Are Kitsap County Lawyers

As a local law firm, we care deeply about those in our community and trying to minimize the devastating consequences of a criminal charge. It is important to be able to learn from mistakes and then move on to being a productive member of our community. If you are arrested and charged with a crime or receive a summons to appear for a crime, it is important to seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney. Local is better. Experience matters. Don’t delay and think your problems will fade.

We Can Help You

In Kitsap County, early intervention with a lawyer can make a meaningful difference in the outcome of your case. You have nothing to lose with a free consultation and we have offices in Bremerton, Gig Harbor, and Poulsbo. Let us know how we can help.

Ryan and Jen Witt of Witt Law Group, Kitsap County defense and personal injury lawyers

Get help now

Whether you choose to handle your case alone or engage the Witt Law Group, being informed and prepared is essential. Early involvement of an attorney can significantly impact your chances of a fair recovery, allowing you to focus on healing while we handle negotiations with insurance adjusters to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

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