Mandatory Jail for DUI? – Penalties For Drunk Driving in Washington 

In Washington State, there are mandatory penalties for DUI/DWI (Driving Under the Influence) convictions, which can include jail time. These penalties can vary based on factors such as prior offenses, the level of impairment, whether an accident occurred, and other aggravating factors. 

A DUI / DWI in washington state can carry a mandatory sentence of 24 hours or 1 day in jail up to 364 days in jail. If the defendant is accused of felony DUI, the jail sentence can be more than a year.
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For a first-time DUI offense, the minimum penalties typically include a mandatory 24 hours in jail, with the possibility of up to 364 days if certain aggravating factors are present. Subsequent offenses generally carry harsher penalties, including longer mandatory jail sentences.

Don’t Panic – Not All DUI Arrests end in DUI Convictions

Most people want to hear that their DUI arrest will “go away” or be dismissed so they don’t have to face jail time. However, having a DUI dismissed at or prior to arraignment is very rare. Even the best criminal defense attorneys rarely have a straight dismissal rate (prior to motions and trial), greater than 2 or 3 percent. 

Officers are highly trained in DUI investigation and report writing so procedural and legal errors that would amount to an immediate dismissal are almost unheard of. However, that doesn’t mean your case won’t get to a resolution that avoids jail time and long license suspension. Experienced DUI attorneys have different options depending on the city or county where you were criminally charged. 

Lesser Charge

If you plead to a lesser charge than DUI in Washington State, such as a reduced charge negotiated by your attorney, the penalties, including whether jail time is mandatory, will depend on the specifics of the plea agreement and the circumstances of your case.

In some cases, a plea bargain to a lesser offense might not involve mandatory jail time, especially if it’s a first offense and the charge is significantly reduced. However, this can vary widely depending on factors such as your prior criminal record, the prosecutor’s discretion, and the details of the case.

Second DUI

There is no doubt that a second or third DUI have drastically more severe penalties. However, again, that does not mean your DUI arrest will automatically end in a DUI conviction. There are alternative options but it will depend on your criminal history, the options within a city or county for therapeutic courts, your willingness to take a few proactive measures assigned by our attorneys as well as several other factors.

Contact A DUI Attorney Immediately

It’s crucial to discuss your options and the potential consequences with a qualified DUI defense attorney in Washington State. They can provide guidance tailored to your situation and help negotiate the best possible outcome for your case.

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