Raising Insurance Rates After An Accident

Kitsap Personal Injury Attorney Jennifer Witt

There is a lot to deal with following a car accident. Most injured victims will deal with pain, healing, medical bills, stress and even anxiety about the accident. However, many of our clients are unpleasantly surprised to find that their insurance rates will be raised even when the accident was not their fault. Talk about adding insult to injury!


In the State of Washington, approximately 20% of drivers on the road are uninsured. If you are hit by one of them, your UIM/UM and PIP coverage can help. It’s never great to have to use your own insurance when injured due to someone else’s negligence but it is better than nothing. Make sure you have that coverage! 

Will My Premiums Increase?

While your own insurance can help in this situation, there might be a financial consequence—your premiums increase. We have been asked in the past to “do something” about the unfair practice but our hands are tied. In most states, insurance companies are permitted to raise your rates. You can complain but it will rarely make a difference.


What is particularly troubling about this practice is that it is often the poorest in our community who get hit with the greatest premium increase. The study done by Consumer Federation of America found that the insurance companies added a greater premium hike to people who were deemed less educated and lower income. Hopefully, the lawmakers of Washington will crack down on this practice. 

Insurance Company Decisions Are Tied To Profits

As we have said in the past, insurance companies are tied to profits. The bottom line dictates most of their responses. Whether it is “low balling” the settlement offer or raising rates on innocent accident victims, get prepared. The State of Washington does not prohibit “not-at-fault premium penalties.” However, since not every company does this, find a knowledgable insurance agent to help you navigate this issue. Drop the unfair company and find one that will truly stand by you!


If you have been injured and need help navigating all of the insurance challenges, we are here for you. We truly enjoy getting accident victims the settlement they deserve. Our consultations are free and, if you are too injured to come into one of our offices, we can handle everything over the phone or come to you. Don’t delay. Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations and you can be barred from bringing a case if you wait too long.


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Whether you choose to handle your case alone or engage the Witt Law Group, being informed and prepared is essential. Early involvement of an attorney can significantly impact your chances of a fair recovery, allowing you to focus on healing while we handle negotiations with insurance adjusters to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

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