Stressed About A Criminal Charge? Don’t panic.

Understandably, the first response to a pending criminal charge is to panic. There are so many things to worry about–especially long-term consequences. If this is you, take a deep breath and take Ryan’s words of advice.

Defense Attorney Ryan Witt

The reason we don’t want you to panic is that time is of the essence in criminal cases. Sometimes, the more you worry, the more time you spend researching online, and, consequently, the longer you wait to make decisions. Delay is always the enemy of defense. Being proactive is the best defense and we need to get you on that path of action.

When you are ready to call our office, realize that we want to hear about the facts of the arrest but we also need to hear how this charge will impact your life long-term. It isn’t just because we are sensitive to your needs. We want to do the very best for you and that means long-term success, too.

Prior to engaging the prosecutor in negotiation, it is critical that we know your needs as far as driving (for children, commuting, or you have a CDL, etc.), any level of security clearances that are relevant, and any professional licenses that could be impacted. There are many other facets to one’s life that could be impacted by a criminal charge or in the way the case is resolved. We will want to discuss those details.

The best discussions and team work result from clear heads. So, stop researching all of the potential punishments for your crime (90% of the time, they won’t apply!) and get productive. Try to remain calm and share the details of the case. Next, we will want to hear about you and your life. It might feel a bit like an interrogation but it truly is helpful for you and for us. It should also help you de-stress a little since you can get answers rather than general information from the internet.

Call us and talk out your unique case and the unique way the charge might impact your life. Our consultations are free and we are here 7 days a week. There is no more reason to delay or spin your wheels from stress. Just call and start the process toward a positive resolution.

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