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If you miss a court date, the odds are that a judge will issue a warrant. However, there are often things a defendant can do to reduce her risk of getting a warrant or increase the odds that the warrant will be quashed quickly. 

How Can You Help Yourself?


1.  If the date has not passed, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in the town or county where you are expected in court. A local attorney will not only be able to advise how the hearing might go but also, in many cases, appear on your behalf if it is impossible for you to attend.

2.  If you are active duty military and deployed, get a copy of your deployment papers to a friend or relative who is willing to hire an attorney on your behalf. The attorney can appear on the scheduled date and get you a new date reassigned.

3.  If your hearing is due to a compliance issue, get yourself in compliance prior to the hearing. For example, pay your fines, file your required treatment report, get a clean UA or whatever else is creating the noncompliance status. If you missed the hearing, get in compliance immediately thereafter because a judge is more likely to to quash a warrant for someone who is back in compliance. 

You Must Get Advice From An Attorney In The Area You Have Court


None of the above information should be construed as legal advice since every criminal case is so unique. Additionally, every local jurisdiction has unique rules and customs that could dictate the result of missing a court hearing. Regardless of where you are, missing court is never a good idea. 

Do Not Delay In Calling


Law firms do not operate like drive thru restaurants. Do not expect “instant attorney” for your issue. If your hearing is Monday afternoon at 1:30, do not expect to get help if you start calling at noon on that same Monday. For an attorney to appear, you will need to sign a fee agreement and the attorney files a document called a Notice of Appearance. These things can take time. Do not put yourself in a bad spot by waiting until the last minute. 

Do Not Waste Time By Calling Attorneys Outside Of The Local Area Where You Have Court


If you have messed up or fear that you might miss court, do not delay in reaching out to an attorney in the state and local jurisdiction where you are supposed to appear. It is pointless to call an attorney in Texas if your case is in Washington. Attorneys are licensed to practice in a specific state and are not allowed to give any advice on matters in a state where they are not licensed. You are wasting their time and yours to call around randomly for advice. For example, if your case in Bremerton Municipal Court, you should search for “criminal defense attorneys in Bremerton Washington” if you want proper guidance.


If you have a criminal defense issue in Kitsap, Pierce, or Thurston counties or cities within those counties, you can reach our firm at (360) 792-1000. We have offices in Bremerton, Gig Harbor, and Poulsbo. We can also handle your representation over the phone or zoom. And, depending on the nature of your criminal charge, you may never need to step foot in the state or courtroom.

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For various reasons, people leave the State of Washington with unresolved legal issues. More often than not, a person is under investigation for a crime but not yet charged when they move. By the time the prosecutor’s office charges the case, the mailing address provided months or years earlier is no longer valid.

Delays In The State Bringing Charges 


In recent months, we have experienced in increase in cases where DUI cases have been charged a year after the person was originally arrested and released. When the toxicology lab returned the blood result, the accused person had been living in another state for many months. Often, the only reason the person knows they have been charged with a crime is that notice of a warrant appears on a background check for a new job.


If you have unresolved criminal charges or have been notified that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, it is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Hiring private defense counsel will cost money but it can help get you back to “normal” much faster and, hopefully, allow you to keep your job.


How the Witt Law Group can help:


1.  We will determine if charges have been filed or a record has been created. Additionally, we will determine whether a warrant has been issued.


2.  We will determine if there are any critical timelines that you may have missed and whether there is a way to remedy the missed deadline.

3.  We will determine the jurisdiction of your matters or matters. This means we need to figure out where you were charged—city, state or federal charges.

4.  We will determine whether you left the state “pre-resolution” of your case—meaning the case is unresolved. If you were arrested and left before your arraignment, you will likely need to appear in court with an attorney to help quash your warrant before we begin negotiation of your case. If you left post-resolution of your case, we will facilitate bringing your case back to a status of compliance.

Every Case Is Unique


Criminal charges are common but the facts of every criminal case is different and the challenge in resolving the case is always unique. To really understand the path that your unresolved case could take, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer right away. Discuss the unique details of your case so you know how to move forward. Delaying will only cause more unintended negative consequences. If you found this article interesting, CLICK HERE to see all of our blog posts. 

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