What Is Administrative Booking In Kitsap County?

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What Is Administrative Booking?

The Kitsap County Prosecuting Attorney in many cases asks the Court to ORDER a defendant be “administratively booked.” In response to the Prosecution’s request, the Judges always order it. So what is administrative booking? 

Administrative Booking Defined

Administrative booking in Kitsap County is the process of formally entering a person into a vast database. This allows their arrest and / or charge to be viewed by other courts, law enforcement agencies, etc. The Prosecution believes this to be highly important in DUI cases, and views the administrative booking as the most viable way to make the DUI history known to other law enforcement entities. In essence, they verify your personal information, photograph you and fingerprint you. 

The Steps Required

•  The Court must order the person to be administratively booked. If the Jail doesn’t see a Court Order requiring booking, they won’t do it. So you must bring a copy of the court order or your conditions of release including that condition.

•  Bring a photo ID. Without photo identification, the jail won’t book you. 

•  Go to: 614 Division Street, Port Orchard Washington 98366 during business hours. 

Is There A Way To Dodge Booking?

Often times, no. This can be an issue if you are out of state and attempting to resolve your pending case. In the new era of Covid, nearly all court functions can be accomplished over ZOOM. Do you really want to fly back to Washington only to be administratively booked? It can be a massive inconvenience for people in this situation. There are ways to work around this requirement, but each case is different. For example, maybe the jail in your local county will do a “courtesy” booking for the Kitsap case. We have spoken with many jails in Washington and elsewhere. Some say yes, some say no. 

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