Why Do I Need A Drug And Alcohol Evaluation?

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Do I Need A Drug / Alcohol Evaluation?

First, an evaluation is extremely helpful in DUI cases. Most private defense attorneys will want this done and completed early because it helps with negotiation. A skilled negotiator is equally, if not more, important as trial experience when it comes to DUI cases. Unfortunately, clients are frequently misinformed about negotiation vs. trial due to law firm advertisements.

We see the negative impact of gimmicky advertising all the time. Due to misinformation, we spend a great deal of time and significant effort educating new clients on the realities of a DUI charge in Washington. The problems can be even more significant when the client is from another state and is unaware of the unique rules in Washington—including the fact we are an implied consent state.

So What Does The Eval Do?

A drug and alcohol evaluation can be extremely helpful because it can be a tool that the prosecutor uses to make a favorable decision in your case. When your defense attorney can establish legal issues with your arrest and also establish that you are not a threat to the community, via no dependency issues, it improves your odds of a good outcome.

In a nutshell, a positive evaluation can help negotiations run much more smoothly. There are a lot more details to this process but, suffice it to say, taking the proactive step to get an evaluation before your first pretrial can make a significant difference in assisting your attorney get the end game you want. It might be a dismissal one year later, after avoiding any further criminal violations, or it might be some other agreement. Basically, if you get an evaluation at a location that will give you a fair shake, your evaluation can be a positive tool in your defense.

Where Do I Make The Appointment?

Always ask our attorneys where you should go for an evaluation. Not all evaluators are equally qualified, meet the court standards, and some have more history of financial incentive (assigning lots of treatment that their company gets paid to provide). There are many factors to consider before you pay for an evaluation.

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If you have any further questions about signing up for an evaluation or how it might help in your specific case, contact one of our lawyers. Every case is unique so do not take the above information as legal advice. Do not take your friend’s advice. Do not substitute general blog advice. Do not delay getting advice. Call early in your case and contact a trusted experienced criminal defense lawyer in the area where you were criminally charged.

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Whether you choose to handle your case alone or engage the Witt Law Group, being informed and prepared is essential. Early involvement of an attorney can significantly impact your chances of a fair recovery, allowing you to focus on healing while we handle negotiations with insurance adjusters to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

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