ZOOM Link For Court In Port Orchard Municipal

June 07, 2021 Written by
ZOOM Link For Port Orchard Municipal ZOOM Link For Port Orchard Municipal Port Orchard Defense Attorney Ryan Witt

In the age of "stay home" orders and Court closures, many Courts are moving towards technology like Zoom. Port Orchard Municipal Court is one to utilize this technology. This post is designed to allow you an easy way to enter a Port Orchard Municipal Court Zoom Hearing.


How To Enter The Court Hearing

Click the following button for admission to the hearing. You will need to know the password, which is provided directly above the link. Unless you have already downloaded Zoom, you will need to download it when prompted. You may have to wait in a virtual waiting room until court begins. 


Password: 216216


If you have any questions or issues with joining the meeting, give us a call at (360) 792-1000 right away. We suggest entering the meetings about 5 minutes early so any issues can be resolved. We look forward to seeing you in our upcoming Port Orchard Municipal Zoom hearing!