DUI Victim’s Impact Panel & Defensive Driving Classes

Victims Panels

Kitsap County: Go to https://www.duiimpactpanel.com or call (360) 731-5139

Thurston County: Go to Thurston County District Court Order Referrals

If you need to locate a panel in a different location than listed above, you can find the list approved by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission HERE.

Defensive Driving Classes

* Select the Washington 8 hour / level 2 class unless instructed otherwise

DUI Posts

DUI & Criminal Charges in Bremerton — What You Need To Know

DUI and criminal cases in Bremerton have unique challenges. It is important to hire the best DUI and criminal defense attorney you can who is familiar with the local challenges with this court. If you do not have a an experienced local lawyer, you might be increasing your odds of a bad resolution in your case as well as picking up warrants after you resolve your case.

If you are facing a DUI charge in Bremerton, you are being charged by the Bremerton City Prosecutor.  This is because the City of Bremerton has its own Prosecutor and does not outsource criminal charging and prosecution to the Kitsap County Prosecutor.  Bremerton Municipal Courthouse is open five days a week and handles criminal charges…

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3 Reasons To Bail Out A Loved One

Deciding whether to post bail or find a bailbonds company can be hard and confusing. At a minimum, bail can cost 10% of the amount posted so, even if you use a bail bonds service, you still have to come up with money. This article will discuss the pros and cons of bailing out a loved one who has been arrested.

1. Human Bias While we have a presumption of innocence in the United States, we can’t ignore that humans also have bias—some conscious and some unconscious. When a person remains in custody for the duration of a case and only appears for court while dressed in a jail uniform, there is a great deal of…

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Facing a criminal charge or investigation is life-altering and there are often more devastating collateral consequences than just the possibility of being found guilty of a crime. When you delay facing the reality of a criminal charge, you increase the likelihood that those collateral consequences will impact every area of your life–your driving privileges, your job, your family, your professional license, and your freedom. Call today to set up a free consultation. If our firm is not able to take your case, we will do our best to give a good local referral.