Personal Injury

Over the years, we have won millions for clients. We advocate tirelessly for accident victims and will take on the big insurance companies. Your job is to heal and our job is to get a fair recovery for your injury and pain.

 Recent Results


$300,000 (policy limits) for client injured in a t-bone accident.

$150,000 for significant dog bite injury.

$100,000 (policy limits) for client injured as a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

$100,000 (policy limits) for client who was cycling and hit in crosswalk.

$75,000 for client injured in a rear-end accident who suffered migraines afterward.


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Results are posted for informational purposes and are not intended to be a guarantee of recovery. To understand how your unique case might resolve, call and speak with one of our attorneys. 


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Most insurance policies are complicated and confusing. There are many portions of the policy that insurance companies will interpret in their favor—even when they should not. This can happen when they stop paying on your PIP benefit and it might be compensation for the entire claim. Either way, do not accept an adjuster’s answer when you think you are entitled to compensation under the law. Your recovery may include lost wages, medical care bills, disability services, rehabilitation services, and reimbursement for property damage. 

If you think you have been wrongfully denied a claim, an insurance company is delaying payment, or the company is paying less than is entitled under the policy, contact a lawyer right away. There are timelines to bring a bad faith insurance claim. In some cases, getting a personal injury lawyer onboard the case can avoid the need for a bad faith claim. When insurance adjusters realize you have someone looking out for your interests, the games will usually stop. 


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