Auto Accidents

According to the most recent Washington State Annual Collision Summary, a person is injured in an accident every 11 minutes. That makes for a tremendous number of victims suffering physical and emotional pain, loss of work, as well as damage to property.

Often people think of an accident as an isolated incident that occurred on a specific date but, the truth is, auto accidents can easily take over your life. Before you know it, medical insurance bills are being sent to collections and your vehicle for getting to work is totaled. It can take months to get life back on track.

What's Ahead of You

In the chaos after an accident, it is important you understand that some important events are about to happen. First, you will be contacted by an insurance company and asked to make recorded statements. It is highly recommended that you get legal advice before you do this. You also need to be prepared to document how the accident has impacted you. If you are handling the case yourself, be prepared to collect documentation on medical bills, the accident report, property damage estimates, any and all correspondence from your or the third party’s insurance companies, as well as proof of lost wages (it isn’t enough to just say you missed work). In most auto accident cases, there will physical damages and also emotional suffering that might extend beyond the obvious. Sometimes, people with serious injuries or head trauma have a difficult time reengaging with loved ones or normal life activities. While these “losses” can be challenging to articulate, an experienced attorney can help express in detail how an accident has impacted your entire life.

Call Early in the Process

Whether you choose to handle your case alone or you hire the Witt Law Group, get educated and prepared. There are so many factors that occur in the early part of your case that can dictate whether you will end up with a fair recovery. Remember that a consultation is free and worth your time. You will likely discover that the earlier you get an attorney involved in the process, the easier the transition back to normal life. Your attorney will take over all contact with the insurance adjuster and keep track of your treatment providers and bills. Your job is to heal. Our job is to present your injuries and damages to the insurance companies and argue for a fair settlement that accurately reflects the pain and damages you’ve suffered.