Dog Bite

Dog bites can occur when you least expect it. They can happen in your job if you walk on the streets, and they can happen when you are just minding your own business – maybe gardening in your front lawn. Even worse, they can happen to your children.

However these terrible events come to happen, typically they lead to large medical bills, scaring, infection and disfigurement. Sometimes there needs to be surgical intervention, and in many cases, scar revision. The most traumatic of these cases are when they happen to a small child. The smaller the child the less they can protect themselves, which in turn often leads to more scaring about the face.

We deal in making sure the victims of these dog bites are made whole. We can’t make the injury go away, but we can pursue all avenues to award you pain and suffering and make sure your medical bills are paid in full.

In many situations we go after the dog owner’s home owner’s insurance policy. If that is not present, we pursue a claim with the dog owner’s renter’s insurance. Often times the offending dog is owned by a neighbor or a friend. Don’t let that cloud your judgment. You will likely have substantial medical needs and it is important to make sure you can afford the necessary care.

Things that you can do to prepare for your case are:

  • Get medical attention. Even if the bite seems minor, bites need to be cleaned to avoid infection and long term scarring.
  • Determine who owns the animal.
  • Identify the dog owner’s insurance company.
  • Preserve all the evidence. Take photos, even daily photos to show how the injury is healing. If there were any witnesses, obtain their contact information.

This list is not exhaustive and is no substitute for legal advice. Only your attorney can provide you with guidance on how to manage your specific issue. At Witt Law Group, we explore whether your recovery should include (1) lost wages and employment, (2) pain and suffering, (3) hospital and/or therapy bills, and (4) loss of consortium (meaning loss of relationships and affection) as well as many other considerations. Each case and injury is unique and it is important to capture your experience. Call one of our attorneys for a free consultation that addresses your specific situation.