How to “stay” your DOL license suspension for 150 days

Washington State DUI charges may resolve in a multitude of ways. This post is only relevant to individuals whose cases will resolve with the entry of a Deferred Prosecution. 

Requirements Necessary To Be Able To “Stay” Your License Suspension

* You have a pending DUI charge in the State of Washington

* You intend to resolve the DUI charge with a Deferred Prosecution

* You have taken a breath / blood test at the time of arrest (can’t be a refusal)

* You have not previously entered into a alcohol / drug Deferred Prosecution Program

If the above requirements are met, you may “stay” your license suspension for up to 150 days. The theory is that this will allow you more time with an unsuspended license to get onto the Deferred Prosecution Program. Then, once you are on the Deferred Prosecution Program, you will abide by the requirements set out by DOL for your licensing pursuant to the Deferred Prosecution Program. 

If you have any other questions about obtaining a “stay” of your license suspension, or a Washington DUI question in general, please call our office at (360) 792-1000.