How Do I Get Lost Wages In Washington?

There are several methods for collecting lost wages and several types of earnings that you can claim.

Have You Missed Work Due To Your Accident? If you have missed work as a result of injuries you sustained in an accident, you are entitled to compensation.

First and foremost, document your injuries. You need to have a doctor’s note that indicates you need to take time off or work in a limited capacity. This information must be provided to your employer. Additionally, you should collect pay stubs or other forms of documentation that can be used to establish the income you have lost due to your injuries. This can include sick leave or vacation pay that you used while you were recovering.

Determining how much money you are entitled to for your lost income depends on your unique situation. It’s fairly straight forward if you are employed with an hourly wage. You can calculate the loss fairly easily unless you also have commission that you likely would have earned during that shift. Perhaps you collect “tips” on top of your hourly rate. All of those factors must be considered and documented. Your assertion that you lost a certain amount of money won’t work.

If you are a salaried employee, your calculations will vary from the hourly wage employee. Perhaps you also missed out on bonuses or a promotion. That loss should be compensated but it is different than “lost wages” as provided in your demand to the insurance company. Your lost promotion, interrupted career path, and loss of financial benefits are calculated separately.

Additionally, if you are self-employed, you are not seeking wages but rather loss of income. You will also want to establish any impact on profits that you could have made or projects you lost due to your injuries. Regardless of the type of employment, to claim any loss, you must document that loss. Whether you are seeking lost wages, lost compensation, or lost earning capacity, documentation is key. Insurance adjusters will never “take your word for it” when it comes to compensation.

Finally, don’t forget to check on your own insurance policy! While collecting for income loss under PIP won’t typically provide a tremendous financial benefit, it might make the different in “getting by” while your personal injury case proceeds.

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