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Thurston County Washington Jail
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If you are facing a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge and have been sentenced in Thurston County District Court or Superior Court, you will report to the Thurston County Jail.

Serving your sentence at Thurston County Jail
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Thurston County DUI and Physical Control Information

What To Bring

You must bring a PAPER copy of your Judgment and Sentence (J&S). You receive this document once you are sentenced in court. 

If you were permitted to appear via zoom, you may be receiving this via email or you may need to go to the courthouse and get a copy. 

If you received the J&S via email, you must PRINT this document. You may not simply show this document to the jail staff because they need to collect and keep the document.

Bring your identification.

Do not bring valuables with you to the jail. 

How To Check In To Thurston County Jail


There is no public parking at the jail. You need to be dropped off to serve your sentence.

Overview Of DUI Information

Jail Alternatives 

Thurston County jail does not offer any jail alternatives. However, Northwest Surety Services does offer private Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM). If the prosecutor and judge agree that your sentence qualified for EHM (and it is approved prior to being sentenced), you will have to pay for EHM out of your own pocket. Again, EHM is not an option for everyone and it has to be arranged prior to your sentencing date. 

Typically, a person will have to pay for 15 days of EHM for every jail day assigned. For example, if you were assigned two days in jail, you would have to serve 30 days of EHM. Additionally, sometimes the prosecutor will agree to one or two days in custody (in jail) and then the rest of the sentence can be completed as EHM. Again, whether your criminal charge, criminal history, and sentencing guidelines allow for this option will have to be discussed well in advance of your sentencing hearing.

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