How To Check Into The Kitsap County Jail

how to check into the kitsap county jail
How To Check Into The Kitsap County Jail

If an individual is sentenced to jail in Kitsap County, the Court will direct them to the Kitsap County Jail. There is no formal information provided to these individuals, so this page is provided as a tool to help make entry into the jail less confusing. 

What You Need To Know

Here is the information that we have collected over the years that will make this difficult process slightly easier:

1. Bring your “Commitment.” That is the document provided by the court that tells the jail what your sentence is. Think of it as your admission ticket. 

2. Bring State issues photo ID, such as a driver’s license. 

3. Bring what ever prescriptions that will be needed for the duration of your sentence. 

4. Bring cash. The cash that you bring will be put in trust, and it can be used to purchase things at the commissary. You can’t put money on your books in advance, that is why it is important to bring case on they day you check in.  If you have cash left over, it will be provided back to you in the form of a check. 

What Not To Do

1. Do not bring anything with you, other than what is listed above. Books are provided once inside. 

2. Do not show up intoxicated on any substance. 

3. Do not park near the jail. There is no long term parking and this will lead to your car being towed. 

How To Get There

The jail is located at 614 Division Street, Port Orchard WA 98366. 

While the address is on Division Street, you actually access the Jail from Cline Avenue. Here is a photo from Cline Ave. 

Jail check in 1

Walk diagonally through this parking lot which is located on Cline Ave. Head toward this entry to the jail:

Jail check in 2

Hours of Operation

The jail will only accept a person during certain hours. They accept people Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM. If you arrive outside of those hours, they will most likely turn you away. Being turned away could be a terrible event if you are turning yourself in on the last day allowable.