How To Obtain An Ignition Interlock License

Attorney Jennifer Witt
How to Obtain an Ignition Interlock License

An Ignition Interlock Driver’s license allows a person who is Suspended in The Second Degree to drive their motor vehicle while they are serving the time of their license suspension. It will prevent a person from picking up another criminal charge for driving on a suspended license. Individuals who have been arrested or convicted of the crime of DUI often have many questions about the Ignition Interlock License, so this tab is hopefully a quick and useful resource to answer those questions. 

What is Suspended in the Second Degree?

It means that your privilege to drive has been suspended typically due to you being convicted of DUI, Physical Control, Reckless Driving, Vehicular Assault (involving drugs or alcohol) or Vehicular Homicide (involving drugs or alcohol). The great majority of suspensions in the second degree are the result of a DUI charge or conviction.

How to Apply For an Ignition Interlock License

There are only three steps, but many people accomplish the first two steps and neglect to finish the 3rd step. Finish all three steps or you can be arrested again, this time for driving on a suspended license, which is just as serious as the underlying DUI charge.

1. Install an ignition interlock device in the vehicle that you are going to be driving during your suspension. If you need a referral for an Ignition Interlock provider, call our office.

2. Call your auto insurance provider and have them add High Risk (or SR-22) to your policy. If they do not offer that kind of coverage, you will need to find a new auto insurance provider. If you need a referral for a new provider, call our office.

3. Go to any local DOL office and request the Restricted Driver’s License Application (linked below). The cost for the application is $100.

That’s it. They will print you a temporary paper Restricted Driver’s License and mail you the permanent one.

What if I Drive a Work Vehicle?

This requirement for an ignition interlock may be waived for most work vehicles if you:

1. Get your employer to sign an “Employer Declaration for Ignition Interlock Exemption.”

2. Send a copy of the signed declaration the Department of Licensing

3. Carry a copy of the declaration with you whenever you drive a work vehicle that isn’t equipped with an interlock device.

You can not use this exemption if you have a CDL.

We hope this has added some clarity to the extremely confusing instructions regarding how and when to obtain the Restricted Driver’s License.

Please click below to access the Restricted Driver’s License Application