Bainbridge Island — New Court Location

If you are appearing in person for your Bainbridge Island case, be advised that the court is in a new location.

8804 Madison Avenue N., 2nd floor, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Zoom / Virtual Court In The Past

Until recently, defendants could appear via zoom for most court hearings. That is no longer the case. If you have an ongoing case with a public defender, be sure to reach out so you know what is expected at your next hearing. If you have a private defense attorney, this issue has likely been discussed and you know what you are supposed to do. However, some defendants who resolved their cases as a one or two year PDA, are supposed to return to court for the criminal charge to be amended. In the past, this was on zoom. However, that may no longer be the case – even if it is a dismissal. 

Zoom and virtual court is so important for the criminal justice system. Bainbridge Island is no longer doing as much zoom appearances so it is important to check on your court status.
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Attorney Jennifer Witt
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When Can You Appear Via Zoom / Virtual Appearance?

The general rules for Bainbridge Island Municipal Court are: (1) arraignments are in person, (2) case resolutions are in person, and (3) post-arraignment / pretrial hearings are in person unless permission has been granted in advance. Basically, almost everything is in person. If you need permission to appear virtually, make sure you know the rules, procedures, and how much notice to the court is required. If it appears you “no showed” or FTA’d because you did not appear in court, you could end up with a warrant. 

This Is Not Advice And Can Not Be Relied Upon

If you have an active case in Bainbridge Island Municipal Court, you MUST seek legal advice from your attorney regarding court appearances. You can also reach out to the Municipal Court Clerks office and they can clarify whether you have been given permission to appear via zoom. Do not rely on other sources of information regarding your court appearance.

If you have hired one of our attorneys and you are uncertain as to the nature of your appearance, be sure to call the office to verify. (360) 792-1000

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