Pierce County Court Dates and Coronavirus

March 31, 2020 Written by
Pierce County Court and Coronavirus Pierce County Court and Coronavirus Kitsap Lawyer Jennifer Witt

As we were reviewing upcoming court hearings, we touched base with Pierce County District Court and learned they are handling things a bit differently. Unlike Kitsap County, which is already moving court dates to June and July, Pierce is taking a “pause” on court hearings. It was explained by a Clerk that “paused” means no one appears on the current date set (in April, for example) and, when the Courts return to a normal schedule, they will reschedule a hearing date and send out notice.

Make Sure Your Address Is Correct!


The only issue with this process is that, if you are “waiting” for a new date, it is possible that your summons might not reach you. Theoretically, if your address is up to date with Department of Licensing, you should receive the mailing of your new date. However, in the past, mistakes have been made. To avoid any risk of missing your new court date, make sure you check in with your lawyer. You can also check with the Clerk’s office to make sure they have an accurate address for you.

How To Check Your Date Online


If you want to check on any pending rescheduling, we have provided a video on how you can look up your court date under our Videos tab. It does NOT work for any Superior Court. Again, if you do not see your new date, it is best practice to check in with your attorney or the Clerk’s office. Once you click on the video (below), make sure to scroll down.