Can I Beat My DUI?

Kitsap DUI Defense Attorney Ryan Witt
Can I Beat My DUI?

Often, law firm ads will give defendants an impression that “beating a DUI” is a likely outcome. While it would be impressive to think that hiring just the right lawyer will get your case dismissed, that is not how criminal defense works. If you fall for it, you may have been suckered out of a lot of money for a hollow promise or gimmicky ad.

Simply put, if you are seeing the “get your DUI dismissed 95% of the time” ads, there are not a few top lawyers who get all the dismissals and 99% who are just terrible at their job and can only plead you guilty. While there are certainly more experienced defense lawyers, the outcome of your DUI greatly depends on your lawyer’s strategy, experience, willingness to educate the client as well as the motivation of the client to take proactive measures. This is where the evaluation and other actions can work to your favor. CLICK HERE to learn more evaluations.

The truth is that fewer than 2% of DUIs go to trial and outright dismissals occur less frequently than that. So, you have a 98% chance of NOT “beating” the DUI. Every experienced and successful defense lawyer will certainly review discovery for legal challenges but, the truth is, law enforcement makes DUI arrests for a living and they’re pretty good at it.

So why would I hire a lawyer if I can’t get my DUI dismissed?

Your attorney at Witt Law Group will use his or her history as a former prosecutor and years of defense experience to find every legal challenges possible to try for that dismissal or to create a solid trial case. However, if that does not look promising, you will want a lawyer who knows the options and realties in the jurisdiction where you were arrested. In the case of a DUI, local is always better. If an out of town lawyer does not about the PDA options, do not expect the prosecutor to enlighten them. Our lawyers know the culture of Kitsap as well as the municipal courts of Poulsbo, Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Gig Harbor and the fact that we can get a resolution that works within your goals—even if it isn’t in the form of a straight dismissal.

For some clients, success can be getting a really tough DUI into some kind of pretrial diversion agreement. Another client might simply want to keep a security clearance and avoid jail time. Make sure you convey to your attorney what success means to you. Since you have about a 98% chance of NOT getting a dismissal or winning at trial, it is important to set your priorities with your attorney.

If you are unsure about your odds in your case, the only way to know what can happen is to talk with a local attorney where you were charged. A local experienced criminal defense attorney will know how the prosecutors in that area handle a DUI charge, a refusal, or a high blow. The details make a difference and so does the jurisdiction. If you were charged in Kitsap District, you can expect a very different outcome than if you were charged in Mason County. For further discussion of your Kitsap or Pierce County case, give our office a call for a free consultation. 360-792-1000.

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